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Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture – Do we have one?

Many, if not most of the Enterprise Architects have used Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas (BMC) to describe businesses or parts of it. However, the Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture has not yet been published by anyone, at least in the public domain.

We at EA-Central.com are proud to have made a first attempt to describe Enterprise Architecture on a Business Model Canvas.

Why do we need a Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture?

Like it does for any business, Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture is very important to understand or emphasize regarding what value Enterprise Architecture provides?, who are the beneficiaries?, what type of stakeholder relationships are required and through which channels?, what are the key activities & resources and who are the key partners? and finally, what are the key costs and revenue streams? While some aspects like revenue streams for Enterprise Architecture may appear far fetched, it is important to note that they have been mentioned from the perspective of the existence of the Enterprise Architecture function or role.

What do we hope?

By no means do we claim this to be a perfect description of Enterprise Architecture because of numerous (or more) reasons as listed later in this post.

However, we hope that most of the EA practitioners will agree that the description here provides a good basis considering a general Enterprise Architecture role / function over which we urge you to provide your comments. We will continue to evolve this Business Model Canvas based on the comments we receive from you.

We also hope that the Business Model Canvas published here is easy to understand and does not require detailing in the form of text in this blog.

Download the Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture

We are eager to hear back from you! Until then, download the Business Model Canvas for Enterprise Architecture as it stands today.

EA-Central-Business Model Canvas - EA
Business Model Canvas – EA

Click here to download the PDF version of the canvas.

Broad reasons why many could have contrasting opinions of EA

As mentioned earlier in this post, we appreciate that it would be difficult (if not impossible) to get a perfect description of the Enterprise Architecture role / function because of numerous reasons / considerations, some of which we have listed as follows:

  • Broad interpretations of the EA function / role due to various manifestations of it
  • Role of EA could have various degrees of Business and Technology content
  • Scope of the EA could vary – It could be at Enterprise / LOB or at any other level
  • Expectations from EA varies depending on the core problem to address at a given point in time
  • Sponsor of the EA role – Business, Technology, others
  • Size of the organization / LOB
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